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Justin Shimoon

Professional Overview


Justin Shimoon is the founder and CEO of AffinityClick, the creators of Hushed, an encrypted and private mobile communication solution for users around the world.

Ever since he started his first company in 2000, Justin has demonstrated the ability to think strategically and build solutions to solve consumer needs. In 2012, Justin launched an app called Hushed, born out of a need for people to feel safe giving out their phone number to people they just met. Today, Hushed has been downloaded more than seven million times and boats an impressive 4.5-star rating with over 1,000 reviews on the Apple App Store. Justin is proud of what the Hushed team has built and is excited about the global opportunity for Hushed to continue to expand and provide users with a safe option for mobile calling.

Hushed wasn’t Justin’s first success story in the tech industry. Over the last decade, Justin has developed a proven track record for building and leading companies to profitability and success. Amid a competitive industry, Shimoon and his teams have differentiated their product from others.

After graduating from Carleton University in Ontario, Justin went on to start his first company, SiteBrand, and raised approximately $5 million in funding. With a mission of helping companies personalize the online experience with relevant messaging to boost conversion rates, build visitor loyalty, and drive revenue, Sitebrand quickly became a successful business and was acquired by Cactus Commerce.

Shimoon is the founder and CEO of AffinityClick, a mobile development company focused on telephone and communication solutions. During his tenure with AffinityClick, Justin has overseen the company during a funding round that saw more than $1.7 million raised from outside investors. Under the umbrella of AffinityClick, Justin and his team also launched Hushed, along with several other VOIP (voice over internet protocol) enterprise solutions.

Through his passion and strong understanding of technology, app development, and tech startups, Justin Shimoon has become a software mogul, with experience in starting multiple companies, taking his first company public, and raising upwards of $15 million dollars across the board. Justin continues to define the VOIP industry and has emerged as a leader among tech companies in Ontario. Although he’s proud of his current and past success in creating successful companies and software products, Justin continues to think proactively about the needs of consumers in the future. By being able to identify unmet needs and provide the best solution on the market, Justin has developed as a well-rounded leader that has the garnered the attention and respect of other industry leaders.


“Justin is an extremely effective technology business operator: he is way ahead of the curve in understanding and applying internet technologies to help better manage a business.” 

— George McTaggart, VP of Global Field Enablement

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