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5 Compulsory Content Marketing Channels to Use in 2021
A new year always presents fresh possibilities for content marketers. This year, businesses should move their marketing endeavours in a positive direction to attain accurate audiences. Most content marketers spend most of their time on content creation and leaving less time on content distribution; hence, getting inappropriate results. This article will describe five crucial channels companies should consider integrating into their content distribution strategy this year.
YouTube is an influential distribution channel that is continuously growing; it is efficient because videos uploaded there are shareable. Hence, it is easy for businesses to embed the videos into their blog posts and landing page, they can also link the videos into their emails and social media posts. YouTube has been one of the rapid growing types of visual content marketing used by most business.
Live Videos
Apart from videos, live videos are essential too. According to Social Media Analysts, approximately 45% of marketers use live video to connect with their audiences. Live videos will continue to rise; according to the report given by Social Media Analysts, 64% of marketers voted that Facebook Live will be the most popular channel in 2021.
Emails are high-value content marketing channels that are cheap, and therefore, businesses should incorporate emails as a critical element of digital marketing. It is a vital communication technique in any circumstance. 87% of marketers reported to CMI that emails are their top technique of distributing content with a return on investment of 42:1 on average.
Many people use podcasts to seek entertainment and information; therefore, this is becoming an essential section for marketers to do content distribution. The valuable part is that there are more buyers, but few brands have entered the market yet. Total Audiences reported that 53% of people listen to spoken-word audio content either daily or weekly. More people will convert to podcasts to learn new things this year; therefore, businesses will have an opportunity to connect with audiences.
It is the most vital content marketing strategy channel to use because 93% of marketers are already using. Businesses should employ blog use because they can post podcasts, emails, and live videos on a blog to give the content, new life, and increase the opportunity to attract the audience from organic search.
Whether businesses decide to explore brand opportunities in blog, podcasts, email, or live videos, they must ensure they target the right audiences. These are the best techniques to connect with them.