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In today’s workforce, we are seeing a large number of employees from generation Z all the way to baby boomers. Generation Z has been found not always to attend the entire four years of college or attend college at all, while the baby boomer generation is sticking around in the workforce longer than any generation before. This has started to create a large generational gap between employees at many different companies. Leadership must play a significant role in shaping a bond across their multigenerational workforce to promote a common ground and teamwork attitude.

Because each generation of employees has different potentials, it creates a bit of a gap in communication. Effective leaders must be able to handle these situations to bring everyone together. Luckily, there are different ways to incorporate that togetherness and teamwork mentality into your company.

Expanding on the aspect of common ground is a critical component in making sure your employees work together in harmony. Getting to know your employees will give you the edge on understanding how they work and how to handle different situations that may arise. This goes along with the importance of listening to your employees. When you listen and talk less, you will see exactly how they will react to different situations. Asking someone’s opinion gives them a sense of value and will provide you with a sense of who they are.

In every business, you will have many employees who have their way of doing their job and fulfilling their responsibilities. This is also ever-present in a multigenerational environment. By taking a step back and giving your employees the freedom and trust to do their jobs the way that works best for them, will create a balance within your office. This is so important when you have a slew of different generations because everyone has a different way of learning and doing. When you allow that trust to be seen, your employees will feel respected.

By implementing a workforce that is not defined by their respective generations, you will create a more cohesive working environment for all. You can eliminate any controversy in your company when you create an open and inclusive culture. People don’t want to be held to their generational stereotypes, and by becoming an effective leader, you can learn to employ people based on their skills and what they can contribute to the company as a whole.