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Artificial intelligence has become bigger than ever, finding a place in almost every industry. In the past, many were wear of AI, fearing it could mean the coming of our robot overlords. In more recent years, it’s become more acceptable, and it’s done a lot to improve people’s lives. One way that artificial intelligence is making a difference is by improving businesses marketing capabilities. Read on to learn about how AI is changing the marketing landscape.

Voice Search is Bigger Than Ever

The rise of virtual assistants has led to a growing number of people searching for information using their voice instead of a keyboard. This is also a trend that’s happening as people become more mobile.

Over 60% of consumers have used Voice Search in the last year to find business information. It’s also predicted that 50% of all searches will be conducted using voice next year. The rise of voice search is due to advancements in machine learning.

Today, Google’s AI can understand human speech with a 95% accuracy, which is the same level as a human being. As technology continues to improve, people are more comfortable using voice commands.

Due to the rise of voice search, businesses will need to rethink their content marketing strategy to align it with this new technology.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Is On The Rise

Although augmented reality and virtual reality have been around for a while, they’re still considered novelty products. While these technologies are prevalent in the gaming space, they’re still rarely used in practical applications.

In the next year, more companies will start realizing the power of augmented reality and virtual reality in their marketing strategies.

Some companies are already using these technologies to great success. For instance, Ikea’s Place app allows users to try out their furniture before they buy it.

Another example of how businesses are using these technologies is the fashion industry, which is developing apps that allow customers to try on different outfits in their homes.

Chatbots Are Everywhere

Due to the rise of virtual assistants, people are becoming more comfortable talking to chatbots. They’re also starting to use these tools to handle various customer service inquiries.

Due to the sophistication of these tools, they can be hard to distinguish from a real human being. For instance, Facebook had to abandon an experiment after the chatbots created their own language.

Due to the amount of time and resources being invested in developing chatbot technology, it’s expected that they will become standard on every website and app in the future.

More and Better Data Processing

The rise of Big Data is already happening, and it’s expected to get even bigger as the number of devices connected to the internet continues to increase. Despite the progress that’s been made in data processing, we still aren’t doing a lot with it.

Due to the limitations of humans, machine learning algorithms are starting to catch up with the amount of data that’s being processed. This will allow us to start making more use of the data that we collect. One of the most promising uses of this data is the creation of personalized marketing messages.

With the amount of data that’s being collected only increasing, it’s expected that the practice of data collection will continue to evolve in the next year. Aside from social media, other forms of data collection are also becoming more important to marketers.