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Today the world of social media is huge for almost every single company. Using social media to help drive marketing campaigns for their products, companies can grow their consumer base tenfold from what it used to be in the past. To improve your social media marketing strategy, you can start by using these three tips.

Create Facebook groups

Business owners should not just launch advertisements on Facebook’s homepage. They should also create groups to build their online communities. Social media enables businesses to ask more questions and get to know their customers. Group chats also make customer service more effective. Marketers can quickly make announcements and resolve issues on the spot. By using social media as a tool for effective communication, it helps to keeps customers happy. Business owners should hire moderators to manage the Facebook groups. The moderators must ensure members respect each other. They need to also prevent spammers from infiltrating the group. Honest members will leave the group if they receive unnecessary notifications. Therefore, moderators help Facebook groups grow.

Launch retargeting campaigns

Sometimes, interested buyers pick a few items and forget to enter their credit card information. Life gets in the way. They might suddenly need to complete an assignment for work. Or, they might have been shopping at night and dozed off before buying. Retargeting campaigns remind these customers to check out. Customers often need to see an advertisement two or three times before making a purchase. They also might need discounts to push them over the edge. Businesses can find out which customers to show retargeting advertisements by installing lines of code on their websites. Provided by the social media platforms, this technology tracks user behavior. For example, it can track the web pages users visit and the duration of each browser session.

Run contests

Running contests can help improve engagement and can be an effective marketing strategy. By participating in a companies social media contests, customers will naturally share these events with their friends and help provide your company with further outreach. Prominent media publications can also write articles about the contest if the prizes are unique. Simultaneously while great for outreach, these contests can also be helpful to grow their social media following. For example, they can tell contestants to tag their friends and click the follow and share buttons. 

Moreover, businesses can use contests to create user-generated content by asking contestants to develop a brief video on why they like the product. The company can then use these videos for different marketing campaigns.