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Today, YouTube is among the best social media platforms. Statistics indicate that one can find approximately 149 billion videos with different types of content. This situation has led to stiff competition in rankings. This article describes the techniques that “influencers” and YouTube users can implement to optimize the platform and achieve more views and subscribers on their channels.

Search and Use the Right Keywords

The keywords used in the videos and their titles should match the topic or subject to make it easier for the target audience to find it. YouTube users should consider using keyword research tools to find more competitive keywords.

Optimize the Video Description

Another strategy that can help a video earn more views is using a relevant video description. Users should consider providing a brief introduction to give the viewers an idea of what the video discusses.

Evaluate Competition

The level of competition on YouTube is stiff due to the large number of users. Consequently, channel owners should define effective ways of posting better content than their rivals. For example, they can define the types of videos, presentation mode, and delivery techniques the best performers use and then borrow ideas from them.

Tag Videos with Popular and Relevant Keywords

“Hashtagging” is currently a popular practice on social media. YouTube users should use it to categorize their videos to improve their rankings during searches. Tagging also attracts new audiences.

Categorize the Video

The Creator Academy educates beginners on how to categorize their videos. The techniques offered relate to various aspects, such as length and topic. They are valuable and can attract more viewers to the YouTube channel.

Use a Custom Thumbnail Image

Content creators can improve their channels’ ranking by including creative or custom-designed thumbnails on their videos. For example, they can combine different colors like green, yellow, and blue instead of the standard black or red. An appealing image attracts more viewers and enables them to understand the intended message.

Include Subtitles and Closed Captions

YouTube provides an SRT file that content creators can use to post subtitles for the audience that does not speak the language used in the video. This strategy makes the content relevant to different groups and hence attracts more views.

Overall, defining techniques to have more subscribers and viewers on YouTube is vital. The optimization techniques described above can make a channel more competitive.