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The creation of Instagram revolutionized the art of sharing photos online. In a single month, at least 1.16 billion users are active on the website. Building an influential brand on Instagram requires a lot of hard work and innovation, but can pay off in spades.  Here are some essential tips to follow when marketing a business on Instagram.

Create a business profile immediately

The first marketing step should always be creating an account that has Instagram’s business features. In case the current profile is personal, switching it to business is easy. To get started with the business profile, head to the settings sections and select “Switch to Business Profile.” One of the benefits of having a business account is that clients can get business contacts from the page. Therefore, businesses can communicate with their clients directly on Instagram.

With some free features, businesses can monitor their metrics and understand their audience better.

Use Sponsored Ads

The majority of the businesses that are successful on Instagram make use of ads. The platform allows companies to control the amount of money they spend on each ad, which can enable a business to reach its audience in a unique and fantastic way. Before sponsoring a post, the followers on that account are the only ones who have access to your updates. The sponsored ads need to be engaging so that new clients can take an interest in the products being advertised.

Instagram stories are also helpful

For a business that needs to generate leads, Instagram Stories are integral. The stories appear in the form of a slideshow and are live for 24 hours. However, there is also an option of saving the stories for later viewing. The importance of Instagram Stories to businesses is that they are displayed at the top of the timelines where most consumers spend their time. Different kinds of content can be posted using an Instagram Story, such as photos, videos, and Boomerangs that can engage the audience in multiple ways.

In recent years, Instagram has dominated the internet world.  Businesses need to prioritize Instagram if they want their internet presence to expand.