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The shift to online markets had been immediate and necessary for a business to survive and thrive. Finding the best marketing strategy is vital, even if it means keeping up with the market trends. Here are four marketing trends of 2022 that businesses looking to connect with audiences should try.


Video Marketing

Video marketing works by creating a short-form video that highlights specific products. The videos are made to capture people’s attention in the first few seconds and are typically less than 60 seconds. With the release of Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and recently YouTube shorts, the success of businesses is dependent on the algorithms by researching what kind of content people are looking for and using it to favor the product. Many more companies undoubtedly benefit from personalized video marketing advertisements with algorithms favoring video more than photos and text.


Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is all about long-tail keywords in the form of questions. SEO considers only essential keywords, while voice search optimizations seek to capture questions entirely as they would be in a face-to-face conversation between a buyer and seller. With more people using voice assistants while searching content online, marketers are shifting focus to it, making it an instant trend for 2022.


Virtual Reality

The virtual reality trend has gained traction in 2021 and will undoubtedly take over the 2022 top trending marketing method. Technology advancement has made it a game-changer for corporations to market brand products and services. With the adverts transporting viewers into the fantasy world, making interactions life-like, it’s easy for viewers to purchase said items when marketed to the right target audience. More businesses are taking on this platform as buyer awareness is increased with the hands-on experience of the product.


Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is the easiest way to market a product to diverse groups. It works as influencers’ followers generally trust the influencer, setting a foundation to sell the product. With a review done on video accompanied by photos, the influencer economy has grown significantly, evolving into a billion-dollar industry. Businesses using influencers also report a return on investment from creators by marketers.


Businesses should expect marketing trends to change throughout the year. Keep an eye on the user base and conversion sales and prioritize the marketing trends that work best.