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Due to the growth rates of technology-based and work from home jobs, there is a stronger need for teamwork and team building exercises in the workplace. These types of activities help to create a strong bond between employees and encourage unity and everyone to work together.

A great leader will help promote team building exercises within their company to assist in smooth transitions between employees, teamwork, and making sure everyone gets to know the people they work with every day. We’ll take a look at some of the team building exercises you can incorporate into your business.

Egg Drop
You will split your employees up into groups of 3-5 people. Each group will have an uncooked egg that they will have to design and put together a contraption that will protect the egg from an 8 foot or more drop. They will have a set amount of time to complete the task, and then everyone will be able to test their creations and see who is successful. This allows you to incorporate problem-solving skills into teamwork exercises.

Two Truths and a Lie
Each employee or team member will submit two truths about themselves as well as a lie. The other employees will have to figure out which one is the lie. This exercise is a great way to get to know the people you work with. It also allows your employees to be creative in deciding what their lie will be and is a fun way to see each person’s personality shine through.

Human Knot
In this exercise, you have your employees stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. They then will reach out and grab the hand of someone opposite them with their right hand and vice versa with their left hand. Theywill have a set time to untangle themselves from the knot. This game is a fantastic way to promote good communication and teamwork among your employees and it’s also good dose of fun.

Scavenger Hunt
First, you will have to split up your employees into a few groups. Each group will get a list of fun things they have to find or accomplish by a particular time. The first group to finish will win the exercise. Scavenger hunts are a way to break up those social circles and cliques within an office so everyone can start to socialize with others. This is also a great team building exercise in which all members will have to work together in order to complete each task.