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Businesses should not give up on older/direct marketing strategies just yet. The most popular forms of direct marketing are postcards and direct mails. These two methods are still viable today; after all, they gave us the billion-dollar industries of today.

Online advertising is in vogue in the world today; therefore, most businesses are rushing to create an online presence. Most people have no access to electricity or the internet; that is what online marketers ignore. The best tip for businesses should be to use the marketing skills that best suit customers’ situational needs.

Furthermore, financially stable individuals in society are the older generation. In most cases, they do not have extensive knowledge of modern technology. They have money to spend; coincidentally, businesses are driven by profit. Losing such a capable market out of the need to fit in would not be prudent. In this case, the enterprises should adjust their marketing strategy to tap into the older generation’s consumer potential.


Postcards are information printed card-like sheets and mailed to potential customers. Luckily, they can include graphics as well as images to appeal to a consumer. They rank as the most-read form of marketing; it ranks as high as 57% on the readability scale. Businesses can use postcards to;

Advertise the opening of a new and straightforward business such as a restaurant or a retail store.

Cost-effectively send brief information to inform former customers about their website.


Letters are a flexible way of sending information to customers. They give businesses the liberty to share as much information as they need to. Moreover, they add a personal touch to marketing. It is also very detailed; customers, therefore, make informed decisions about products and services. Businesses can use letters when;

Sending information that ought to be understood entirely. For example, a letter invitation to fundraising is more likely to be effective than any other means.

When they seek to have a personal effect on the consumer; it can be achieved through hand-addressing or a pen- addressing machine; to capture the consumer’s attention.

Also, letters are slightly expensive than postcards; yet both are very crucial in direct marketing. Fortunately, the two forms of direct marketing can co-exist in marketing. One kind does not disqualify the other.