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The field of marketing has changed dramatically over the past few decades. In the 80s and 90s, web-based internet marketing was a novel idea that most brands were wary of. In this essay, I will talk about how these changes have contributed to why now is a very different time for marketers than in 2000.

What Has Changed Since 2000?

In the last 20 years, commercial marketing has seen several technological advances. Some of these advancements have significantly impacted how marketing is done today.

Marketing in the 2000s was very much based around email marketing (think snail mail). This was a more traditional way of targeting customers, though it did allow for more personal and relevant messages to be sent out. In addition, this form of marketing was relatively inexpensive, which meant low-cost campaigns could be created if clients were willing to invest in them.

Now, email marketing is less relevant and less common. Social media platforms, specifically Facebook and Twitter, are almost exclusively used for marketing. This means that marketers have to rely more on their target audience to find them in their online space.

The advent of social media has led to a change in how brands market themselves online. Companies have realized that the best way to reach customers is not by having an expensive campaign with a high-profile brand ambassador or celebrity; it is by creating content that makes customers excited about their products or services.

Websites have also changed since 2000. In the early 2000s, the most common type of website was a static HTML website. These were websites that consisted of nothing but text and graphics, which meant that they could not change or update independently. Static HTML websites are still used today, though the more prevalent type of website is now a CMS (content management system) site. These sites are designed for people to make edits or add new content to them easily; changes can be made instantly without learning how to code HTML. According to Omnidigit, websites nowadays need to evolve their marketing look and feel to be visually appealing to the people they are trying to market to.

Increased online connectivity has also contributed to the changes in marketing since 2000. In the early 2000s, consumers had minimal internet access, which meant that marketing was less effective than today. With broadband connections being more prevalent in homes, many websites have expanded their social media presence and put up blogs on their site.